Aneurysm claims life of LDS soldier in Iraq

A brain aneurysm claimed the life on an LDS soldier serving his second deployment in Iraq.

Sergeant Timothy Boyce, 29, of Farmington, Utah, died Dec. 16, two days after he reportedly collapsed during physical training at Camp Tiger in northern Iraq.

A returned missionary and lifelong member, Sgt. Boyce is survived by his wife, Sharon, and their children: son Ammon, 4, and daughter Gracelyn Adeline, 3 months.

"My son had a happy disposition about everything," said Sgt. Boyce's father, Rick Boyce. "His main hobby was his family."

Brother Boyce said he never remembered having to set a curfew for his son. "I never had to worry about him."

After graduating from Utah's Viewmont High School, Sgt. Boyce worked for more than a year to earn money for a full-time mission. Much of his service in the Mascarene Islands Mission (1995-1997) was paid for by funds he had earned himself.

A few months after returning from his mission, Sgt. Boyce married Sharon Strong.

Sgt. Boyce joined the U.S. Army four years ago to serve his country and earn money for college. A missile guidance system specialist, Sgt. Boyce served two deployments in Iraq. He began his final deployment in March and was scheduled to return home in February.

"The people who worked with him just loved him," Brother Boyce said.

Sgt. Boyce was able to return home in September for three weeks to witness the birth of his daughter.

"He held that baby the whole time — day and night," Brother Boyce said.

Besides being with his family, Sgt. Boyce enjoyed racing go-carts with his brothers. The family took a recent trip to Phoenix, Ariz., to enjoy a NASCAR auto race.

Sgt. Boyce was flown to Germany after collapsing in Iraq. There he was joined by his brother, Brad, who is serving in the military in Kuwait. The brothers were together when Sgt. Boyce died. His organs were harvested for donation, Brother Boyce said.

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