LDS Bulgarians mark Joseph Smith's birth

SOFIA, Bulgaria — Members and investigators from throughout the country gathered Dec. 3 in the capital city of Sofia in Bulgaria at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Prophet Joseph Smith. For months, members and missionaries worked hard to organize this event.

In a slide show presentation, members posed in costume as the Prophet, as members of the Smith family, preachers, and much more. The presentation told the story of Joseph Smith's life, shared restored gospel truths and invited all present to learn more. Member, missionary and children's choirs sang throughout the presentation. After the presentation, everyone participated in different games, dances, activities, and crafts associated with the time period of Joseph Smith. These included such activities as the Virginia Reel dance, stick pulling, and making sock dolls, to name a few.

"It was a great success as there were well over 700 people that attended," said Elder Mason McGinn of the Bulgaria Sofia Mission. "This was much more than had been expected and missionaries even scrambled all over trying to find extra chairs to put in the auditorium so that everyone could have a seat. After all of the effort, there were still people sitting in the aisles. This was a great opportunity for all to strengthen their testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith and for investigators and contacts to learn more about the Church's teachings."

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