New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

OREGON CITY OREGON STAKE: (Feb.12, 2006) President — David Afton Lundgreen, 63, regional manager at Hoffmann-LaRoche, Ltd.; succeeding Eugene Raymond Trone; wife, Penelope Joan Whisenand Lundgreen. Counselors — Dee Vern Doman, 57, general contractor; wife, Shelie Whiting Doman. Troy Giles Parker, 37, business development director at Tapestry Intelligence; wife, Jill Leslie Puffer Parker.

ROY UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 12, 2006) President — Max Irvin Pendleton, 48, Church Educational System teacher and principal; succeeding Jay Lynn Cottle; wife, Tracy Lee Cottrell Pendleton. Counselors — James George Williams, 65, manager for the Church; wife, Catherine Elaine Cutler Williams. Toby Horace Gonzales, 57, insurance agent; wife, Beverly Brown Gonzales.

SALT LAKE EAST MILLCREEK STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2006) President — Steven Boyer Ostler, 43, CEO and president at The Boyer Company; succeeding Wesley Bruce Thompson; wife, Ann Lee Taylor Ostler. Counselors — Douglas George Bunting, 50, pharmacist at University of Utah; wife, Jill Betenson Bunting. Craig Steven Larson, 57, real estate project manager for the Church; wife, Margaret Ann Paulsen Larson.

SALT LAKE EAST MILLCREEK NORTH STAKE: (Feb. 6, 2006) President — Alan Burton Tingey, 52, principal at Cannon Tingey Investment Advisors; succeeding Kent Hyrum Murdock; wife, Susan Virginia Fogg Tingey. Counselors — Jeffery Scott Featherstone, 49, president and producer at Lorien Entertainment; wife, Lori Lynn Christensen Featherstone. Richard Maack Matheson, 45, attorney at Matheson & Peshell LLC; wife, Melinda Berhold Matheson.

SALT LAKE HIGHLAND STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2006) President — James Franklin Wood, 47, attorney at Stoel Rives LLP; succeeding Justin Douglas Bell; wife, Christine Geddes Wood. Counselors — Paul Barton Fagergren, 58, product manager at EIMCO Water Tech.; wife, Sandra Bringhurst Fagergren. John Gales Gifford, 43, sales manager at Eschelon Telecom; wife, Lisa Ann Jorgensen Gifford.

SAO LUIS BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2006) President — Paulo Cesar Soares Saldanha, 37, planning coordinator at Vale do Rio Doce Company; succeeding Jose Benicio Pereira de Oliveira; wife, Ediana Villar de Freitas Saldanha. Counselors — Jean Claude Abreu Araujo, 38, attorney; wife, Rosilene Batalha Cantanhede Araujo. Joao Carlos Lima Martins, 46, department head at Federal Center of Technical Education, CEFET; wife, Neilza Ribeiro Borges Martins.

TAINAN TAIWAN STAKE: (Jan. 8, 2006) President — Ting-Tsung Chang, 48, professor at National Cheng Kung University; succeeding Chen Hsien Chin; wife, Hui-Pin Lai Chang. Counselors — Hsien Tsung Hsiao, 42, executive at Trading Company; wife, Ming Hui Tsai Hsiao. Shih-Wei Chen, 41, self-employed; wife, Zoe Chuang Chen.

TOLUCA MEXICO STAKE: (Nov. 27, 2005) President — Cesar Jimenez P., 35, business owner; succeeding Francisco Javier Bravo Velez; wife, Andrea Consuelo Lopez V. de Jimenez. Counselors — Jose Cardenas A., 54, business owner; wife, Andrea Pina A. de Cardenas. Jose Manuel Velazquez G., 42, systems engineer for the government; wife, Ariadna Soledad Mendez C. de Velazquez.

TWIN FALLS IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2006) President — Randy Vernell Hansen, 49, auto dealer at Robert Allen Auto Group; succeeding Brad Rolla Hobbs; wife, Kathy Jo King Hansen. Counselors — Reed Juan Harris, 48, cardiologist at Group Practice; wife, Kathleen Coleman Harris. Kelly C. Ward, 47, branch manager at A. G. Edwards; wife, Jona Ka Elleman Ward.

WEST POINT UTAH STAKE: (Feb. 19, 2006) President — Terry Luke Wayment, 53, IT supervisor at Williams Northwest Pipeline; succeeding Carl Dee Thurgood; wife, Kathy Jean Albiston Wayment. Counselors — Mark Lynn Crosby, 48, national sales manager at Dutro Co.; wife, Patricia Kay Wale Crosby. Lee F. McDermott, 49, estimator at FMC Jetway; wife, Catherine Anne Olsen McDermott.

YOKOHAMA JAPAN STAKE: (Nov. 13, 2005) President — Akinori Ito, 39, employed by Japan Federation of Bar Association; succeeding Kumazawa Yukio; wife, Emi Komatsu Ito. Counselors — Shigeo Mitsubayashi, 54, engineer at Fujitsu; wife, Yoshiko Kobayashi Mitsubayashi. Carl David McGary, 45, associate professor at Yokohama National University; wife, Hitomi Uekusa McGary.

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