Cyclone Larry wreaks damage

CAIRNS, Australia — Church members and missionaries on the northeastern coast of Australia were not injured when Tropical Cyclone Larry hit the area March 20 with winds of more than 120 miles per hour.

The storm wreaked havoc on the community, destroying 55 percent of the buildings in the beach resort of Innisfail and more than 50 percent of the area's banana and sugar cane crops. Experts speculated that widespread evacuations prior to the storm's landfall saved many lives; as of press time there were no reports of death and only a few reported injuries to those living in the area.

Two Latter-day Saint meetinghouses, one in Atherton and one in Cairns, received minor damage from the cyclone, according to a Church Humanitarian report.

In response to the storm, members of the Cairns District in Australia will assist in community clean-up efforts, according to the report. Church leaders are evaluating the need for additional humanitarian response.

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