New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

BLOOMINGTON UTAH STAKE (Nov. 12, 2006) President — Hal Gary Anderson, 47, vice president and CFO partner at Soltis Investment Advisors, succeeding Stanford Smith McConkie; wife, Julie Ann Birrell Anderson. Counselors — Jonathan Thomas Pike, 41, regional market director at SelectHealth; wife, Kristy Ann Jenson Pike. Dan Edwin Steurer, 57, owner of Sunwest Development; wife, Miriam Gilgen Steurer.

BROOKLYN NEW YORK STAKE (Nov. 12, 2006) President — Jeff Victor Nelson, 50, executive director/counsel at West LB AG, succeeding Alejandro Ernesto Soffiantini; wife, Janet Matthews Nelson. Counselors — Charles Robison Rich, 31, copywriter at Lowe Worldwide; wife, Katie Ruth Porter Rich. Mardequeo Alexander Pineda N., 36, Church employee; wife, Silvia Elizabeth Delgado R. de Pineda.

BUENOS AIRES ARGENTINA ESCOBAR STAKE (Oct. 22, 2006) President — Walter Edilberto Rodriguez, 45, business owner, succeeding Andres Bernardo Martin P.; wife, Adriana Margarita Ovejero E. de Rodriguez. Joaquin Esteban Costa, 41, director of HSBC Bank; wife, Renee Beatriz Varela O. de Costa. Hugo Ruben Gomez B., 47, Buenos Aires Argentina Temple engineering assistant; wife, Silvia Liliana Acosta M. de Gomez.

CHINO CALIFORNIA STAKE (Nov. 5, 2006) President — Daniel Kent Stevenson, 47, vice president/internal audit at Beckman Coulter Inc., succeeding Scott Howard Knecht; wife, Ann Marie Elizabeth Karg Stevenson. Counselors — Michael K. Sorenson, 54, building contractor/franchisee of California Pools & Spas; wife, Nancy Ruth Gossling Sorenson. Bryan Sears Tanner, 42, regional administrator of North American Health Care; wife, Renae Bake Tanner.

COBAN GUATEMALA STAKE (Oct. 22, 2006) President — Oscar Jafeth Vasquez G., 30, Church operations and maintenance, succeeding Romel Ernesto Fraatz S.; wife, Gilda Marisol Luna V. de Vasquez. Counselors — Francisco Javier Paz M., 27, Church operations and maintenance; wife, Zayda Mayte Guzman M. de Paz. Nery Benjamin Poou A., 33, technical assistant at INAB Boscom; wife, Hilda Filomena Chiquin B. de Poou.

COLUMBUS OHIO SOUTH STAKE (Oct. 22, 2006) President — Benjamin McKay Ogles, 45, dean of College of Arts and Sciences at Ohio University, succeeding Steven Matley Wood; wife, Maureen Garrett Ogles. Counselors — Mark Alan Meldrum, 47, software development manager at Aeroflex; wife, Deborah Sue Nelson Meldrum. Gary Dennis Madden, 57, high school assistant principal; wife, Peggy Marie Ford Madden.

CUERNAVACA MEXICO STAKE (Oct. 22, 2006) President — Raul Rodriguez A., 35, business owner, succeeding Saul Figueroa L.; wife, Karina Valle D. de Rodriguez. Counselors — Joaquin Anselmo Aguirre H., 42, Church maintenance department; wife, Carla Liliana Roman B. de Aguirre. Gabriel Edmundo Guarneros B., 29, business owner; wife, Sandy Izveth Fernandez T. de Guarneros.

GLENDIVE MONTANA STAKE (Oct. 29, 2006) President — Jack Edward Hamblin, 53, general manager at Southeast Electric Co., succeeding Larry Norman Wolf; wife, Celinda Rae Taylor Hamblin. Counselors — Dwight Melvin Clayton, 52, Church facilities manager; wife, Lezta Lea Hrubes Clayton. Patrick Francis Roper, 52, physician assistant at Glendive Medical Center; wife, Elma Christine Harker Roper.

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