2007 Almanac monitors progress

The 656-page edition of the Deseret Morning News 2007 Church Almanac continues its more than three-decade effort to chronicle the growth and dynamic work of the Church, a history that is expanding faster than any one person can grapple to understand.

Featured in this edition is the recounting of the use of technology, written by Jim Allen, emeritus professor of history at BYU and former assistant Church historian.

Applying modern technology to fulfill the purposes of the Church was bold and visionary. From as early as President Brigham Young employing the telegraph to communicate with members scattered across Utah, to the modern use of satellites and computers, the Church has seriously considered how each new innovation in technology could further the cause of the kingdom.

The blessings afforded by vast innovation in communication technology have expanded the ability of the Church to fulfill the mandate of preaching the gospel to all the world.

Technological innovations have not been limited to communication, but have permeated also every field and operation of the Church. Certainly, the ability to manage and lead this expanding Church could not have been possible without the sophisticated capacity of computers.

The history of the Church continues to be the most fascinating news of our time.

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