Christmas memories: Tithing blessed

We found a large box of food on our back porch

When I was about 9 years old, we were having financial difficulties. My parents were really concerned about getting us presents, or having a Christmas dinner on the table.

They called a family council and asked us if we wanted pay tithing and trust in the Lord, or buy gifts with the tithing money. We gathered together and had a family prayer. Then we all made the decision together to pay the tithing.

On Christmas Eve, we went out as a family and saw the Christmas lights. Upon arriving back home, we found a large box of food on our back porch. There was no letter; we had no idea who had given it. The box had enough food to get us through Christmas and beyond.

We all prayed together right then in gratitude for those who had blessed us. We remembered that it is always best to give our tithes to the Lord, trust Him, and, in turn, bless those around us in their time of need, too.

It is because of this experience that I learned the true meaning of Christmas. I truly felt the Savior's love and know that through Him my family was blessed.

— Jamie James, from Jackson, Miss., is student body president of LDS Business College in Salt Lake City.

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