Papua New Guinea youth enjoy gathering

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea — The three branches of the Gerehue District in Papua New Guinea had a successful youth conference Nov. 18, with 52 youth attending, plus youth leaders, branch presidents and district leaders.

The conference was held at the Vanapa River, a favorite spot for tourists and white-water rafters, just outside Port Moresby. Some youth had never been out of the city before so this was a particularly special trip for them.

Talks, spiritual thoughts, performance of a drama about the iron rod and singing by a youth choir were activities held early in the day. Later, everyone went to the river's edge where District President Kairi did a presentation about the iron rod. He had some youth try to swim against the current, which was impossible. Then he used a rope to represent the iron rod as he assisted the youth to swim against the current. He talked about the current representing life and its trials, and the rope was the iron rod which represented the word of God.

The youth and leaders enjoyed lunch, ball games and swimming in the cold river for the rest of the afternoon.

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