Leader-Servant Award presented

BUENA VISTA, Va. — Southern Virginia University honored Richard and Nancy Peery Marriott with the Leader-Servant Award, the university's highest honor. The university sponsored a fireside Sunday, March 25, to present the award.

SVU President, Dr. Rodney K. Smith, said the phrase "leader-servant" was introduced by Elder Neal A. Maxwell in a priesthood leadership meeting. "It is clear to me that the Lord's purpose for all of our students — and for everyone present, for that matter — is that they might be leader-servants," President Smith said.

The fireside reviewed the way the Marriotts have served throughout their lives: They raised a family in the Church; they have donated many of their resources to good causes; they have worked to make those causes succeed; they have reached out to friends, neighbors and strangers to offer help; and they serve in the Church. Sister Marriott teaches a youth Sunday School class, and Brother Marriott serves as bishop of the Potomac Ward.

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