This week in Church history

175 years ago

Joseph Smith arrived on his second visit to Independence, Mo., in late April 1832 having traveled with companions from Hiram, Ohio, according to his History of the Church.

"On the 26th," he wrote, "I called a general council of the Church, and was acknowledged as the President of the High Priesthood, according to a previous ordination at a conference of High Priests, Elder and member, held at Amherst, Ohio, on the 25th of January, 1832."

The Prophet wrote further, "On the 27th, we transacted considerable business for the salvation of the Saints, who were settling among a ferocious set of mobbers, like lambs among wolves."

He also visited Kaw township, a few miles west of Independence, receiving a warm welcome from the members there.

Two revelations were received by Joseph Smith during the Missouri visit — Doctrine and Covenants sections 82 and 83.

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