New stake presidents

Correction: The Caldwell Idaho East Stake is a name change from the Caldwell Idaho North Stake, not the Caldwell Idaho Stake as stated in the April 28 Church News.

President John Allen McCune continues as president of the Caldwell Idaho Stake.

Stake reorganizations

CALDWELL IDAHO EAST STAKE: (March 4, 2007) President John Charles Gabrielsen (retained), 55, owner of Gabe's Auto Parts Inc; wife, Cindy Jolene Gabrielsen. Counselors — Eljay Waite, 54, finance director of City of Caldwell; wife, Dolores Elaine Nickols Waite. Ray Stewart Thacker, 59, process specialist at J. R. Simplot Co.; wife, Janet Gay Nowland Thacker.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA GRANADA STAKE: (April 22, 2007) President Jose Leonidas Mantilla V., 42, labor relations director at Ecopetrol S.A., succeeding Edgar Justino Gomez Lozano; wife, Xiomara Arciniegas G. de Mantilla. Counselors — Jared Lamonte Stoof, 37, English teacher at Rochester Schools; wife, Gicela Robledo Moreno Stoof. Samuel Andres Gomez M., 24, teacher at MBS; wife, Adriana Paola Castro P. de Gomez.

RIBEIRAO PIRES BRAZIL STAKE: (May 6, 2007) President Jose Maria de Paula, 36, locksmith at Impacta, succeeding Jose Carlos Ferreira; wife, Elisabete Pereira Silva de Paula. Counselors — Carlos Alberto Vizenzi, 44, mechanic at Tupy Smeltry; wife, Dirce Marques de Lima Vizenzi. Mario Zan Alves Ferreira, 41, pharmacist; wife, Silvana da Silva Menezes Ferreira.

SALT LAKE UNIVERSITY 2ND (STUDENT SINGLE) STAKE: (April 22, 2007) President Michael Austin Dunn, 49, creative director at Dunn Communications Inc, succeeding Wiliam Charles Bailey; wife, Linda Virginia Poulson Dunn. Counselors — Michael Kay Smith, 59, partner at Newport Financial LLC; wife, Linda Kay Fullmer Smith. Briant Taylor Badger, 56, dentist; wife, Cynthia Todd Badger.

SAO JOSE BRAZIL STAKE: (April 29, 2007) President Gordon Carlos Cesar da Silveira, 50, industrial technician at CELESC, succeeding Castillo Sontag; wife, Maria de Fatima Veras da Silveira. Counselors — Joaquim Clayton Melo de Souza, 34, business owner; wife, Simone Eduarda Ouriques de Souza. Jose Geminiano Cidade Neto, 48, accountant at COTRE; wife, Marlene Borges Cidade.

SELAH WASHINGTON STAKE: (April 29, 2007) President Bruce Jed Grow, 46, chief technology officer at Anderson Hay & Grain, Inc, succeeding Sherman Arthur Carlson; wife, Glenna Thayne Grow. Counselors — Bruce Douglas Armstrong, 51, senior field product specialist at Pitney Bowes; wife, Gail Marie Beagley Armstrong. Darrell Keith Smart, 50, lawyer at Smart, Connell & Childers; wife, Sheila Hague Smart.

VERNAL UTAH ASHLEY STAKE: (May 20, 2007) President Gordon Alan Seitz, 44, optometrist at Seitz Eye Care, succeeding Paul Monson Andrews; wife, Jill Aileen Smith Seitz. Counselors — Raymond R. Martinsen, 53, internet technician at UBTA-UBET Communications; wife, Christine Hatch Martinsen. Kenneth Lee Bassett, 56, city manager in Vernal City; wife, Ratean Sullivan Bassett.

WEATHERFORD TEXAS STAKE: (April 22, 2007) President Thomas James Carver, 51, store manager at Safeway/Tom Thumb, succeeding Cary Randal Reeves; wife, Dawn Cary Stefan Carver. Counselors — Myron Jeppson Tingey, 61, contractor with Lockheed Martin; wife, Marilyn Laprele Carter Tingey. John Alan Krogue, 57, senior vice president Technology at Perry Equipment Corporation; wife, Jeanene Larsen Krogue.

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