Ambassador notes ties with Church

WASHINGTON, D.C. — More than 60 guests, mostly returned missionaries who served in Argentina, met with His Excellency Jose Octavio Bordon, ambassador of the Argentine Republic, in a forum co-hosted by the Church's public affairs office at the Argentine embassy in this city on June 21.

One missionary served 40 years ago in Argentina, while another had recently returned. Most had never met but used the forum to become better acquainted.

Julio Mercado, First Secretary at the embassy, welcomed participants. Tom Robbins, a returned missionary from Argentina, offered comments, as did President F. Melvin Hammond of the Washington D.C. Temple, an emeritus General Authority.

President Hammond, who once lived in Argentina, noted how each missionary has the dream to one day return to Argentina. He stated that their dreams were fulfilled that night since they were literally on Argentine soil. President Hammond noted that each returned missionary is an ambassador for the Church and Argentina.

Ambassador Bordon discussed the current situation of Argentina. He noted his strong ties with the Church, including a trip to Salt Lake City, and his switching on the Christmas lights for the Festival of Lights at the Washington D.C. Temple in 2005.

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