New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

BOGOTA COLOMBIA KENNEDY STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2007) President Julian Alonso Palacio P., 36, Church administrative supervisor, succeeding Douglas Fabian Saavedra Lesmes; wife, Ivonne M. Ramos H. de Palacio. Counselors — Guillermo La Rotta V., 44, Church operation and maintenance zone supervisor; wife, Marcela Del Pilar Pulido B. de La Rotta. Rafael Antonio Lopera L., 29, Bogota Colombia Temple supervisor; wife, Fanny J. Mojica de Lopera.

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA LOGAN STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2007) President David Alexander Munro, 59, manager in Australia government, succeeding Keith Patrick Walker; wife, Wilma Tarres Munro. Counselors — Justin William Masima, 36, manager at Itwtech Flow; wife, Katalina Akauola Masina. Mark Raymond Gibson, 34, director of MRG Water Consulting; wife, Amy Lee Pollard Gibson.

CHUBBUCK IDAHO STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2007) President Troy J Dye, 40, succeeding William Lawrence McKee; wife, Jennifer Ann Johansen Dye. Counselors — Norman Grant Reece, Jr, 47, attorney, owner of Norman G. Reece, P.C.; wife, Joy Lynn Cox Reece. Wayne Alva Hardinger, 47, district sales manager at Nicholas & Co; wife, Julia Leigh Veteto Hardinger.

CLEVELAND OHIO STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2007) President William Roger Titera, 53, certified public accountant/partner at Ernst & Young LLP, succeeding Thomas Herre Rice; wife, Dorothy Jane Magleby Titera. Clive Loren Anderson, 47, engineering manager at ACH, LLC; wife, Dana Ann Pledger Anderson. Michael Leigh Snyder, 46, attorney/partner at McDonald Hopkins Co; wife, Ellen Packer Snyder.

EIGHT MILE PLAINS AUSTRALIA STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2007) President Keith Patrick Walker, 49, owner of Witbrook Office Interiors, succeeding James F. O'Reilly; wife, Marilyn Joyce Maloney Walker. Counselors — Anthony John Phillips, 62, business owner; wife, Eileen Haslock Phillips. Dallas Jon Woolley, 33, systems analyst at Queensland Department of Treasury; wife, Cassandra Megan Wilmott Woolley.

KINGSPORT TENNESSEE STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2007) President Sean Stewart McMurray, 46, chief executive officer at Johnston Memorial Hospital, succeeding David Aaron Golden; wife, Kristin Kaye Harmer McMurray. Counselors — Duane Gold, 59, project manager at Eastman Chemical Co; wife, Alice Paye Henderson Gold. Jason Hurlan Brazee, 56, physician-internist at Wellmont Health System, Physician Partners; wife, Debbie Lynn Fowler Brazee.

LETHBRIDGE ALBERTA EAST STAKE: (Oct. 14, 2007) President James Eugene Evanson, 39, dentist, succeeding Loren David McLachlan; wife, Jody Karil Zobell Evanson. Counselors — Allen James Fletcher, 65, Church Educational System coordinator; wife, Mary Elaine Hardy Fletcher. Douglas Larry Wilde, 57, meat hygine inspector at Canadian Food Inspection Agency; wife, Patricia Jean Bowen Wilde.

PHOENIX ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2007) President Kevin Jay Lythgoe, 45, physician, succeeding Darwin Nelson Davis; wife, Stacie Barfuss Lythgoe. Counselors — Melvyn Douglas Johnson, 65, Realtor, associate broker at Dan Schwartsz Realty; wife, Sharon Kay Hall Johnson. Michael Clayton Warren, 43, certified public accountant; wife, Trisha Phyllis Campron Warner.

TOOELE UTAH EAST STAKE: (Sept. 9, 2007) President Charles Oran Lawrence, 45, environmental sales at Clean Harbors Environment, succeeding Kim Albert Halladay; wife, Crystal Dawn Shields Lawrence. Counselors — Nathan Dee Pollmann, 37, area manager at Qwest Communication; wife, Lezlee Hadfield Pollmann. Phil Anthony Shofield, 48, department manager at HK Systems, Inc; wife, Suzette Biggs Schofield.

VERACRUZ MEXICO STAKE: (Sept. 2, 2007) President Alan Edmundo Meza C., 31, welder, succeeding Mauricio Morales C.; wife, Abish Alejandra Ramos F. de Meza. Counselors — Sergio Gabriel Ruiz M., 36, sales representative at Unilever of Mexico; wife, Nora Gallardo P. de Ruiz. Fernando Sanchez C., 37, contractor; wife, Julieta Groso R. de Sanchez.

WICHITA KANSAS STAKE: (Sept. 16, 2007) President Samuel Max Williams, 56, managing partner of Sullivan Higdon & Sink, succeeding Gary Maynard Craig; wife, Marilyn Rees Williams. Counselors — Ralph Paul Duncan, 53, certified public accountant/financial manager at Falcon Exploration; wife, Chariss Adele Emmot Duncan. Dennis Martin Cessna, 59, test pilot at Cessna Aircraft Company; wife, Mickey Cessna.

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