Family finds truth in Book of Mormon


In 1998, members of the Amankwah family were sorting through a bundle of second-hand clothing they had purchased to resell in the local market. As they were going through the clothing, they found a piece of paper pinned to an article of clothing, with the name and address of a woman living in Utah.

They wrote to this woman, who replied that she had donated clothes to South Korea and was amazed they turned up in Ghana. Believing this was not an accident, the woman shared with the Amankwahs that she was a member of the Church and encouraged them to find the Church in Ghana. At that time, the Church was not established in the village of Nkawkaaw and the closest ward was 31 miles away.

The American family sent the Amankwah's a Book of Mormon. When Mr. Amankwah received the Book of Mormon he read much of it and prayed about it and announced to his family he knew it was true and told them that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was God's true Church. He brought his family together and they prayed to know the truth and then took turns reading the Book Of Mormon.

At about that time, President Robert C. Gay of the Ghana Accra Mission drove through the village of Nkawkaw and felt a deep impression about starting a branch there and sent two missionaries to open the work. When the missionaries knocked on the Amankwahs' door, the family was in the process of reading the Book of Mormon.

A little over two years ago, the Amankwah family became the first members baptized into the newly established branch of Nkawkaw. They have since been sealed as a family and introduced the missionaries to many of their friends. The daughter who found the note in the clothes has served as a ward missionary and is waiting for to be old enough to serve a mission. The family has helped bring another 150 active members into the Nkawkaw branch and the branch has 30 endowed members and was made a district. — Africa West public affairs

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