Sacred text satisfies spiritual hunger


I grew up active in (another) church, but had many questions in my mind in relation to the doctrine of the true church of Jesus Christ.

For example, I had questions about the priesthood of God and wondered why we don't live in a time of divine guidance — the sort of guidance that was found in the Old and New Testament.

After graduating from college I listened to the missionary discussions. I learned about the reality of the restored priesthood and the existence of another testimony of Jesus Christ, the Book of Mormon. The invitation to read this book led me to the sort of spiritual experiences I was looking for; that I was hungry for.

I was filled with the Spirit reading Moroni 10: 3-5. I experienced a spiritual strength that remains with me to this day. The strength of men such as Nephi, Jacob, Enos, Alma, Ammon, Moroni and others filled my soul with joy and touched my heart.

My conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ was made possible because of the Book of Mormon. This sacred text can offer happy truths to every person that reads it. The Book of Mormon provides a path of learning and spiritual experiences that I can enjoy through eternity.

An Area Seventy, Gonzalo Sepulveda is a Church convert and is the area public affairs director.

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