Shining moments: Tow truck fund

My home teaching companion and I were out visiting a sweet elderly sister who was home-bound in a gated condominium complex in our ward. We finished our visit and walked to my car only to notice that it was no longer there. At first I thought someone was playing a joke on me. Then I thought maybe my car had been stolen. A man noticed my searching efforts and informed me that he had seen my car get towed away.

I later found out I had not been parked in the designated visitor parking space, and that it would cost $175 to get my car back from the tow yard. This was distressing to me because my wife and I were planning a conservative Christmas budget for our five children and our finances were particularly tight at that time.

The next day I went to the tow yard and paid the money because I needed to get to work for an important appointment.

Later that night, and still discouraged from the tow experience, we had our planned family night activity — decorating the Christmas tree. As we were finishing we heard a knock at the door. In came a family from our ward. They entered the room with smiles on their faces. Their seven children couldn't hide their excitement. The father stated that he had something for us and handed me a large envelope. On the outside of it was written, "We wanted to help bear your burdens. Love, your friends." Also written on the envelope were some 15 signatures of various families in our ward. I opened up the envelope, and to my family's surprise, we found several bills — ones, fives, tens, twenties, even a check for $30. The amount donated totaled $181, which covered the tow truck fee almost perfectly with a few dollars to spare.

Gratitude and love immediately filled the room as we realized that, for family night, this family had decided to walk through our ward neighborhood and ask for donations to the "tow truck" fund.

Joy could not be hidden on the faces of everyone in the room that family night. Both the givers and the receivers felt the Spirit and love of the Lord. — Brad Peterson, Copper Hills 8th Ward, West Jordan Utah Copper Hills Stake

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