Living by the scriptures

"...I, Nephi, was desirous also that I might see, and hear, and know of these things, by the power of the Holy Ghost, which is the gift of God unto all those who diligently seek him, as well in times of old as in the time that he should manifest himself unto the children of men." — 1 Nephi 10:17

I've read the Book of Mormon to study different topics, like faith, or love many times before. But this time I decided to look for a deeper understanding of Heavenly Father's nature.

While pondering and beginning to do that, my son came home from college for the holidays and brought a book about communication. I took time to read it before he went back to school. That caused me to think about problems people have communicating — fight or flight, the silent treatment, withholding, targeting, intimidation — and I decided in my study of the Book of Mormon to also look for ways God communicates with us. Not just the "in your heart" or "in your mind" ways, but to understand His view on communication as much as how He communicates.

The next week while at the temple I opened the scriptures and they turned to 1 Nephi Chapter 10. I started reading where the angel kept asking Nephi, "what desirest thou?" Every time Nephi asked a question the answer wasn't just told to him, but was shown to him in a way that left out any possibility of misunderstanding. While reading chapter 10, a few things dawned on me: Heavenly Father is very open in His communication with us. He would never withhold anything from us that we ask Him about and are prepared to know. He communicates in a clear way that cannot be misunderstood. He wants us to know all He knows and have all He has.

I'm thankful that in my first week of desiring to understand Heavenly Father's nature better, the Holy Ghost taught me a deeper understanding about the nature of God and His love for us — and gave me a greater understanding about the best form of communication. —Lavon Maiersperger, Brighton Ward, Ann Arbor Michigan Stake.

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