People's Republic of China — Visitor guidelines

With many visitors traveling to the People's Republic of China for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, it is important for visiting members of the Church to be aware of that country's unique restrictions on religious activities.

While recognizing freedom of religious belief, China requires any religious activities to comply with its laws and regulations. Church members visiting China should follow these important guidelines:

• Do not take religious literature or electronic-media materials into China, and do not distribute religious materials there. You may take your own scriptures for personal use, but do not leave them behind or give them away while in China.

• Do not participate in proselyting activities of any kind with Chinese nationals.

• Avoid religious discussions with Chinese nationals while in China. Answer initial inquiries with basic facts and try to end the religious conversation rather then encourage it.

• Do not conduct your own worship services while in China. If you desire to participate in worship services or religious activities, please attend the international branches in China.

• Do not invite Chinese nationals to participate in religious activities with you or to join any religious meetings you attend in China.

• Be an example of goodness through acts of kindness.

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