Elder Jay E. Jensen

Presidency of the Seventy

"As I have pondered how to effectively teach the atonement to others, the phrase 'arms of safety' has been useful. When we were baptized and received the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands, we received two ordinances that introduce us to the arms of safety. By coming humbly and fully repentant to sacrament meeting and worthily partaking of the sacrament, we may feel those arms again and again."

"Generally speaking, our youth are exemplary. However, in the administration of the sacrament occasionally we see a disturbing drift toward too much informality and casualness in dress and appearance.

"Young men, before going to church will you please pause before a mirror one more time and ask yourself if every aspect of your appearance is in order. Better still, invite someone you love, such as a parent, to look at you, and if something is amiss, don't resent their counsel.

"True servants of Jesus Christ are properly groomed and dressed, reflecting always his standards and not the worldly drift of casualness. Having every detail carefully attended to ensures that the Spirit of the Lord will be present. The dress or appearance of those administering the sacrament should not be a distraction."

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