Elder Richard G. Scott

Quorum of the Twelve

"The purpose of priesthood authority is to give, to serve, to lift, to inspire — not to exercise unrighteous control or force. In some cultures, tradition places a man in a dominant role with a feeling of authority to control and regulate all family affairs. That is not the way of the Lord. In some places, the wife is almost owned by her husband, as if she were another of his personal possessions. That is a cruel, unproductive, mistaken vision of marriage encouraged by Lucifer that every priesthood holder must reject. It is founded on the false premise that a man is somehow superior to a woman. Nothing could be further from the truth."

"God will hold us accountable for how we treat his precious daughters. Therefore let us treat them as he would wish to have them treated. I pray that the Lord will guide us to be more inspired, sensitive and productive with the priesthood we hold, especially with his daughters."

The family proclamation states that a husband and wife should be equal partners. Every wife in the church would welcome that opportunity and support it. Whether it occurs or not depends upon the husband. Many husbands practice equal partnership with their companion, to the benefit of both.

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