Pure religion: Becoming Converted

Paul Morgan loved football (soccer), somewhat to the exclusion of more important matters.

"He was hard work trying to get him more committed to the Lord's work," wrote Bishop David Gabb of the Blackwood Ward in Blackwood Gwent, Wales.

But there was something Brother Morgan loved more than football — his family. When Bishop Gabb spoke in sacrament meeting about the First Presidency's counsel on family home storage and family finance, Brother Morgan was prompted by the Spirit to put his family's security ahead of those football games.

He counseled with his family to determine what steps they could take to be more prepared. The first thing they did was make extra payments on a debt to pay it off sooner. When they called the company to check on the remaining balance, they found that they had paid it off and even overpaid. The company sent them a check, and with the additional funds they added to their food storage.

Seeing instances of disasters where families are forced to leave their homes, the Morgan family realized they were not prepared for such an emergency. With a limited budget, it wasn't possible for them to purchase everything right away, so they prayed for help. Their eldest daughter found items for emergency kits on the Internet that fit within their budget.

"Build a small supply of food that is part of your normal, daily diet," the new pamphlet counsels ("All is Safely Gathered In: Family Home Storage"). The Morgan family began adding to their "store cupboard" each month.

Going a step further, the Morgans decided that if they could grow some of their own food, it would supplement their food storage and help keep their food budget down. None of the family had any experience in growing a garden, but they were willing to try. Starting small and making a few mistakes along the way, they soon had a healthy garden growing.

"Our testimonies have grown and we have been blessed in many ways. We know that with Heavenly Father's help we will be prepared when the time comes." — Barbara Rolbiecki, Welfare Services

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