'Your Church is amazingly different'


What was supposed to be a day giving service at the Ile-Ife High Court became a day when work efforts by members of the Ile-Ife Nigeria District included cleaning a local mosque inside and out.

The work was the district's involvement in the Sept. 20 All Africa Service Project, joining efforts by Church members all across the continent.

A last-minute change in projects resulted in members of the Iremo, Eleyele 1st and Eleyele 2nd branches spending part of their day at the Ile-Ife Motor Park, with the local leaders of transportation workers welcoming the help as members cleaned, scrubbed, swept and weeded facilities and grounds. Their efforts drew the attention and praise of bus passengers waiting at the motor park.

Inside the park area, one of the Church members discovered the frontage of a mosque in need of cleaning and weeding, and the Latter-day Saints were concerned that a place of worship should be given adequate attention. District President Winston Doherty sought and received permission from the imam's representative to weed the grounds and clean the exterior of the mosque.

After those projects were done, they asked for permission to enter the mosque to scrub and clean the floors. A Mr. Ajayi, the imam's representative, again agreed, saying: "We worship the same God who distinguishes not. It is we humans that distinguish. Your Church is amazingly different; it is quite different from others."

In addition to the motor park and mosque, about 100 Church members from Ife and Osogbo also provided service at a large roundabout area and a local hospital.

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