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Listed below are the 13 episodes of the "Real Families, Real Answers" television series and topic highlights of additional materials, activities, tips and practical ideas — found online at — that support each of the 13 episodes.

Strengthening Families, Part 1

Commitment; identifying your family's strengths; love and appreciation; time together.

Strengthening Families, Part 2

Encouragement; communication; adaptability; faith; connections; responsibilities.

Protecting Family Time

Family traditions; harmonizing work with family; overbooked children; staying connected as a family; using wholesome activities to strengthen families.

Managing Emotions

Identifying anger triggers and anger signs; strategies for bridling anger and curbing contention; the art of emotion coaching; understanding the nature of anger.

Keeping a Marriage Strong, Part 1

Continuing courtship through the years; forgiveness in marriage and family life; increasing intimacy in marriage; marriage as a covenant relationship; moving from gridlock to dialogue; respectfully handling differences and solving problems; solver.

Keeping a Marriage Strong, Part 2

Benefits of couple prayer; couple meetings; equal partnership in marriage; nurturing friendship in marriage; nurturing love and respect in marriage; staying connected with each other; strengthening interfaith marriages; the effects of religious beliefs in marriage and family.

Effective Parenting

Latitude in parenting; listening to children with head and heart; love in parenting; practicing individualized parenting; setting limits: the art of regulating children's behavior; styles of parenting; using communication to strengthen relationships with children.

Parenting Teachers

Developing close relationships with teens; keeping tabs on teens.

Family Finances

Managing family finances while protecting your marriage; money harmony for couples.

Strengthening Blended Families

A step-parent's role; combining two families and meeting everyone's needs; developing a solid marriage; developing your own unique family style; recognizing stepfamily myths, realities and strengths; working successfully across households.

Successful Single Parenting

Being a successful single parent; helping children adjust to divorce.

Family Crucibles

Facing family crucible experiences; making meaning of death.

Overcoming Pornography

Discussing pornography problems with a spouse; resources for those struggling with pornography; the harms of pornography; understanding the compulsive Internet pornography user.

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