Updated version of

In a letter dated Oct. 30 and to be read in ward and branch sacrament meetings, the First Presidency announced a new version of the Church's Web site.

The letter reads:

Dear Brethren and Sisters:

The Web site is directed primarily to members of the Church and has information to help members live the gospel and serve in the Church. We call your attention to the newest version of, a Web site designed specifically for those not of our faith. This revised site is aligned with the missionary guide Preach My Gospel and contains information about the basic doctrines of the Church, including answers to some of life's greatest questions. The information is enhanced by video testimonies of recent converts.

We invite you to become familiar with so that you might refer your friends and family members of all faiths to experience what is available there.

May the Lord bless you as you use these gifts of technology to invite others to come unto Christ by receiving His restored gospel.

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