Privy to details

The 2009 Church Almanac features expanded color photos and information

Membership of the Church in October 2008 was 13,428,061, precisely 234,062 more than in December 2007.

Of those new members, ever wonder how many children of record were baptized, compared to the number of convert baptisms?

In 2007, 93,698 children of record were baptized, while 279,218 converts were baptized.

How about the youth of the Church?

The number of Young Women, ages 12-17, in the Church numbered 491,993 in 2007. The Young Men, ages 12-18, totalled 597,082.

Privileged information, some may contend.

Not really.

It's all contained in the Deseret News 2009 Church Almanac. Readers need look no further than page 4 where figures are artistically highlighted to give a comprehensive view of the growing Church.

Flipping from page to page, readers will find that the 2009 Church Almanac contains the most complete, most up-to-date information about the Church. Beginning with color photos and summary accounts of the major events of 2008, readers will gain a sense of the Church in motion.

Here, readers will find a recapping of the major events of the Church during the past year that include the death of President Gordon B. Hinckley and the sustaining of President Thomas S. Monson in a solemn assembly, landmark events. Biographical sketches of each Church leader will aid members in knowing and relating to the ever-changing list of Church leadership. New this year is an expanded biography of President Monson, giving members a concise overview of the man who gained the Lord's trust to lead His Church.

There is no news like news of the Church. For those seeking to discover the Lord's hand in the growth of His kingdom on the earth, the 2009 Almanac provides detail and data not found anywhere else.

Those wishing to be privy to the details of the growing Church will find the information easy to read and comprehend, as well as entertaining.

How to order:

The Deseret News 2009 Church Almanac is available for $15.95, plus shipping, through Deseret Book. Orders may be placed online at:, or by calling toll free: 1-800-453-4532, or 801-517-3369.

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