Family history moments: Lost and found

My grandmother, Flora Merrill, has been giving me family names for a few years now. Her health hasn't allowed her to attend the temple as often as she would like; I have been doing the temple ordinance work as often as I can.

Recently, we invited her to our stake temple day at the Newport Beach California Temple so she could be sealed to her parents. We were scheduled to do sealings towards the end of the day, which would allow us time to do some temple work, pick her up and complete paperwork before our session.

When we arrived at the temple, we couldn't find any record of her parents' work. After some time, my grandmother finally gave up — she didn't have any paperwork or the information needed to help in the search.

The time came for us to go into the assigned sealing room — we found it full. We went to the next room and found my husband and the others of our group waiting. The sealer invited a couple to serve as proxies for parents and asked my grandmother if she would like to represent a daughter to be sealed to her parents.

As the names of the parents were read, my husband and I looked at each other in astonishment — they were my great-grandparents. Then the name of the daughter was read, and my grandmother was beside herself — it was her oldest sister. We didn't know how this was possible.

When the sealer realized what was happening, he finished the sealing, and I got permission to take the slip to the records office, where we found my grandmother's parents. It took a while, but with some data entry, we were able to get my grandmother's paperwork in order.

Everyone was waiting for my return to the sealing room. I gave the sealer the paperwork, and my husband and I represented my great-grandparents as my grandmother was sealed to them for eternity. I was truly blessed to have been part of a wonderful event in my grandmother's life.

This work was done because the Lord had a hand in it. Without Him, my great-grandparents and grandmother would have waited longer to become an eternal family.

The work of the Lord will be done, if we are persistent and rely on Him. We need to be on the Lord's errand and then He will do the rest. — Kathleen Peterson, Anaheim 3rd Ward, Anaheim California Stake

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