New Stake Presidents

Stake reorganizations

ARLINGTON TEXAS STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2008) President Charles H. Spitzer, 53, chief financial officer, Summit Alliance Companies, succeeding Brent W. Hansen; wife, Karen Jean Waters Spitzer. Counselors — Kenneth L. Wallace, 54, dentist; wife, Kamille Elwood Wallace. Thomas K. Larsen, 64, partner, TC Aviation; wife, Linda Ann Lund Larsen.

BYU-IDAHO 7TH STAKE: (Oct. 19, 2008) President Brent M Mendenhall, 55, regional director, U.S. Department of Agriculture, succeeding Wylie Gene Powell; wife, Suzan Cheney Mendenhall. Counselors — Jerald Kay Dalling, 56, self-employed, agri-business; wife, Nina Jean Hollist Dalling. Roy Shane Webster, 50, vice-president/owner, T.R. Webster & Son Inc.; wife, Linda Ranae Skidmore Webster.

ESCALANTE UTAH STAKE: (Nov. 9, 2008) President Klin R. Chynoweth, 49, mechanic for the, Church, succeeding Myron D. Cottom; wife, Nancy Clark Chynoweth. Counselors — Tarval Alan Torgersen, 45, business operations manager, South Central Communications; wife, Melani Robinson Torgersen. Kerry Lynn Alvey, 45, assistant general manager, South Central Communications; wife, JoNeil Wright Alvey.

MORGAN HILL CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Oct. 26, 2008) President Steven C. Merrell, 46, president/founder, Willowridge Capital Advisors, succeeding Derrell R. Foote; wife, Jeanne Marie Gilmore Merrell. Counselors — Dan McAllister Beesley, 55, owner, Electro Acoustic Company; wife, Patricia Louise Pew Beesley. Kort Dallas Jensen, 51, mortgage banker, Community West; wife, Cherie Lynn Eves Jensen.

PADUCAH KENTUCKY STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2008) President Kevin David Lance, 40, plant manager, Remington Arms, succeeding James D. Woodall; wife, Danielle Luise Del Hoyo Lance. Counselors — Masaru Okuda, 45, assistant professor, Murray State University; wife, Megumi Fukuda Okuda. Joseph Christian Hirschi, 49, research program manager, Illinois Clean Coal Institute; wife, Carol-Lynne Avery Hirschi.

CHICO CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Oct. 26, 2008) President Drake Ladell Brown, 47, vice-president of sales, SunGard Bi-Tech, succeeding Dale W. Madsen; wife, Cynthia Ellen Dennis Brown. Counselors — David Michael Webb, 53, dentist; wife, Kay Eleanor Allen Webb. Russell LaVon Thayne, 55, president, Marketing Experts, Inc.; wife, Catherine Leanne Neff Thayne.

HASTINGS NEW ZEALAND FLAXMERE STAKE: (Nov. 2, 2008) President Wayne R. Tekira, 41, access manager, Housing NZ Corporation, succeeding Anthony W. Morley; wife, Cilla Mihimoana Mitchell Tekira. Counselors — Abraham D. Mitchell, 39, reintegration caseworker, Department of Corrections; wife, Chantal Maree Deacon Mitchell. Moapi Uelese, 38, principal corrections officer, Department of Corrections; wife, Alieta Tuimaseve Uelese.

SANTIAGO CHILE LA BANDERA STAKE: (Oct. 12, 2008) President Alvaro Alonso Alvarez Castro, 35, teacher, Nazart School, succeeding Carlos A. Diaz Ovalle; wife, Jessica Andrea Pino Zapata Castro. Counselors — Eduardo Enrique Utrera Acuna, 39, administrative employee, Promepart; wife, Johana Andra Cea Vicencio Acuna. Oscar Mauricao Alegria Becerra, 31, teacher, Douc University; wife, Jocelyn Carolina Campos Araneda Becerra.

TALCAHUANO CHILE SUR STAKE: (Oct. 19, 2008) President Luis Hernan Villarreal Munoz, 40, supervisor, Trane, succeeding Claudio Marcelo Novoa Madariaga; wife, Sara Valentina Vega Arce Villareal. Counselors — Carlos Antonio Neira Cofre, 51, contractor for the Church; wife, Maria Angelica Salinas Pena Cofre. Rodrigo Alberto Ceballos Henriquez, 34, electrician, Tecnet S.A.; wife, Mirta Andrea Sanhueza Ortiz Henriquez.

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