Missionary moments: Grandson's letter

Lawrence and Louise West of the Pinnacle Mountain Ward, Little Rock Arkansas Stake, have always loved their family. When their son married a member of the Church years ago, they understood his decision when he chose to be baptized. They were equally proud of their grandson when he was called to serve a mission, though they were not able to see him depart since he lived in Las Vegas, Nev.

But their attitudes toward religion and the Church began to change shortly after their grandson entered his field of labor. Their grandson wrote an eight-page letter filled with love and testimony. He urged them to unite the family in the temple. They were touched with his sincerity and felt motivated to learn more about this gospel that stirred their grandson.

Many missionaries spent time in their home during the next months, teaching the gospel and challenging them to be baptized. Sister West gained her testimony quickly and was baptized. Curiously, one missionary who had been particularly influential in the growth of her faith was a childhood friend of her grandson in Las Vegas. Having a friend of her grandson in the Arkansas Little Rock Mission was almost like having her grandson with her.

Brother West's faith came several months later. He wrestled with the concept of a loving Heavenly Father and had to answer a few doubts. Missionaries continued to teach and challenge, sharing their witness that answers come when faith is exercised.

After a few months of study and struggle and fellowshipping by ward members, he was baptized.

His baptism was a joyous occasion. Surrounded by ward members and the approximately 10 missionaries who had taught him, he lingered in the baptismal font for a short time, relishing the blessings of being clean to enter the kingdom of God.

Looking back over events, Larry and Louise West are humbled by the Heavenly hand that directed the affairs of their conversion. The heartfelt testimony of a loving grandson began the spiritual chain reaction, which was sustained by faithful missionaries. — Shaun D. Stahle

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