Bishop Richard C. Edgley, first counselor, Presiding Bishopric

When the church responds to natural disasters, it usually takes just a few phone calls to mobilize hundreds and sometimes thousands of individuals to go to the rescue of their fellow brothers and sisters in distress.

"Tonight, I wish to speak of another challenge to which we have opportunities to respond, and brethren, this is your phone call."

"There is no organization better able to respond to the challenges of humanity than the priesthood of the most high God. … We now call upon you to mobilize our priesthood quorums in response to the employment and financial challenges facing our members."

Priesthood quorums likely have members who know of job openings or are skilled at writing resumes. Do not hesitate to call upon the ward or stake employment specialist for help or to let others know you are looking for work. Guidance comes from the Lord through regular fasting and prayer.

Some sisters, out of necessity, are leaving the home to go to work, but other sisters can have a different helping role.

"They can teach. They can baby-sit, console, comfort and encourage."

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