Brother Michael A. Neider, second counselor, Young Men general presidency

Aaronic Priesthood quorums can be strengthened by study of the scriptures given to outline their responsibilities.

"We should be earnest students of revealed priesthood and quorum principles. Our goal is to correctly use inspired direction from God and his prophets, maximize the virtues and blessings of the quorum and strengthen young men and their families. The work of the quorum is to increase faith in Christ, prepare and save young men and eliminate mistakes and sloth in implementing God's will."

A priesthood quorum is a class in which a young man can be taught the gospel, a brotherhood in which he can be strengthened, built and lifted in friendship with others, and a service unit to give service to quorum members and others. The duty of quorum leaders is to preside, sit in counsel and teach others in the quorum and edify each other.

Advisers to Young Men groups throughout the world have learned that, with help, more can be accomplished and expected from the Aaronic Priesthood quorums.

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