Elder Robert D. Hales, Quorum of the Twelve

"For both debt and addiction, the hopeful solution is the same. We must turn to the Lord and follow his commandments. We must want more than anything else to change our lives so that we can break the cycle of debt and other uncontrolled wants.

"Our challenges, including those we create by our own decisions, are part of our test in mortality. Let me assure you that your situation is not beyond the reach of our Savior. Each temptation we overcome strengthens us, not destroys us. The Lord will never allow us to suffer beyond what we can endure.

"Our success is never measured by how strongly we are tempted, but by how faithfully we respond. We must ask for help from our Heavenly Father and seek strength through the atonement of his Son, Jesus Christ. In both temporal and spiritual things, obtaining this divine assistance enables us to become provident providers for ourselves and for others.

"Learn to say, 'We can't afford it, even though we want it.' Or, 'We can afford it, but we don't need it.'‚ÄČ"

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