President Boyd K. Packer, President, Quorum of the Twelve

Young men who have been ordained to an office in the priesthood of God are given divine authority that is not and cannot be held by the kings and magistrates of the earth unless they humble themselves and enter into the gate that leads to eternal life.

"The priesthood is something you cannot see, nor hear, nor touch, but it is a real authority and a real power.

"You are a son of God. … At the time of your birth, you received a mortal body of flesh and blood and bone in which to experience earth life. You will be tested as you prepare yourself to return to our heavenly father.

"You must treasure and protect the masculine part of your nature. You must have respectful, protective regard for all women and girls.

"Avoid the deadly poisons of pornography and narcotics. … Do not decorate your body with tattoos or by piercing it to add jewels.

"Do not run with friends that worry your parents.

"Be a responsible member of your family. Take care of your possessions. … Do not be wasteful. Learn to be content."

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