President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor, First Presidency

A feeling of responsibility for others is at the heart of faithful priesthood service.

"Our comrades are being wounded in the spiritual conflict around us. So are the people we are called to serve and protect from harm. Spiritual wounds are not easily visible, except with inspired eyes."

Satan sometimes seems to inject a deadening agent while inflicting a spiritual wound, which means that priesthood holders responsible for the spiritual survival of some of Heavenly Father's children should move to help without waiting for a cry for help.

Priesthood holders are responsible for whatever they do or fail to do for the salvation of others. They can exercise that responsibility as junior home teaching companions, as youth and as fathers.

"Years of being responsible for the souls of men will prepare you for helping and protecting your family whom you will love more than you can imagine in your youth. You will know how to lead them with priesthood power to safety."

"I testify that you were called of God and you are sent to serve his children. He wants that no one be left behind."

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