Sister Margaret S. Lifferth, first counselor, Primary general presidency

"There is a great need in today's world to nourish our children and youth with 'living water' and the 'bread of life.'

"Our ability and our credibility to exemplify reverence for God are strengthened when we show respect for each other. In today's society, the standards of decorum, dignity and courtesy are assailed on every side and in every form of media. As parents and leaders, our examples of respect for each other are critical for our youth and children. … Respect for others and reverence for God are close cousins. They are noted in humility and love.

"Reverent behavior is not a natural tendency for most children. It is a quality that is taught by parents and leaders through example and training. … If reverence is rooted in love, so is the teaching of it. Harshness in our training begets resentment, not reverence. So begin early and have reasonable expectations."

The lessons of reverence, taught early, often carry over into a child's later choices on whether to obey more difficult gospel principles.

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