Conference attendance helped answer personal questions

Living in eastern Washington, the Bedoyas have long been able to view general conference at home via the Internet or satellite broadcast. But instead, the family has always pulled on their Sunday best and drove to the local meetinghouse to watch each conference session, sitting shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow members.

"It has helped us be in the right frame of mind," explained mother Lisa Bedoya.

The Bedoyas again observed their conference tradition this year - albeit with a bit longer drive. The family of six climbed into their minivan and made the 11-hour trip from Pasco, Wash., to the Conference Center in Salt Lake City. There they listened to the words of apostles and prophets in the company of thousands.

Seeing President Thomas S. Monson and his fellow leaders take their presiding seats before each session "gave me goose bumps," said father Alex Bedoya, a Church convert.

Brother Bedoya said he arrived at general conference with spiritual questions he prayed would be clarified in the messages of the Brethren and other leaders. Both prayers and questions were answered.

"It was a great experience to be with the prophet," he said.

Attending the priesthood session with his 16-year-old son, Jaron, was a special highlight.

"We gathered with 21,000 other men and were reminded of our priesthood duties. We knew we are not alone," said Brother Bedoya.

A lifelong member, Sister Bedoya had never attended a live session of general conference prior to the Saturday afternoon session. She was impressed by the spirit found inside the Conference Center. She was inspired being in the presence of President Monson.

"I especially appreciated the emphasis that was placed on families making it to the temple," she said.

The Bedoyas - including Kaitlyn, 13, Kenton, 10, and 7-year-old Braxton - hope to make a return to the Conference Center next spring.

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