New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 8TH STAKE (STUDENT MARRIED): (March 15, 2009) President — Stephen Woodruff Owen, 51, owner of Great Harvest Bread Co. of Provo, succeeding Lynn Evan Garner; wife, Jane Stringham Owen. Counselors — Thomas Allen Holmoe, 49, director of athletics for BYU; wife, Lori Roxanne Wright Holmoe. Curtis Carl Johnson, hand and upper extremity surgeon at Central Utah Clinic; wife, Tamara Bacon Johnson.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 19TH STAKE (STUDENT SINGLE): (March 15, 2009) President — Thomas Michael Ford, 61, dentist, succeeding James R. Kearl; wife, Charleen Allen Ford. Counselors — Dale L. Fillmore, 61, president and COO Stampin Up!; wife, Kathryn, Elizabeth Hemming Fillmore. Randall Freebairn Pearson, 55, president for JWD Management; wife, Toni Coleman Pearson.

BRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY 20TH STAKE (STUDENT SINGLE): (March 15, 2009) President — Terry Briggs Ball, 53, dean of religion education for BYU, succeeding Randy J. Holt; wife, DeAnna Hill Ball. Counselors — Geret Nolan Giles, 43, psychologist and owner of Giles & Associates Family Psychology; wife, Kelley Anne Clements. Lawrence Gerrit Veenker, 61, president of Intermountain Precision Casting; wife, Carlene Rae Williams Veenker.

CENTERVILLE UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (January 18, 2009) President — John Charles Hollingshead, 59, CEO of McQuaid Management, succeeding William O. Nelson; wife, Sally McCune Hollingshead. Counselors — Richard Ray Cawley, 62, pilot for Mustang Aviation; wife, Cherie Lee Kofoed Cawley. Brent Rupp Hintze, 49, sales director for Zimmer; wife, Kelli Maxfield Hintze.

GLOBE ARIZONA STAKE: (February 15, 2009) President — Jefferson R. Dalton, 56, deputy county attorney for Gila County Attorney's Office, succeeding Trent R. Lyon; wife, Terry Brownfield Dalton. Counselors — Mark Alan Shellenberger, 59, property management; wife, Roberta Ann Larson Shellenberger. Gary Glen Hincha, 64, smelter quality support for Phelps Dodge; wife, Diana Lynn Allen Hincha.

KIRTLAND OHIO STAKE: (March 22, 2009) President — Michael Brent Haymond, 48, global accounts manager for DOW Jones, succeeding Walter C. Selden; wife, Tracey Lee Amis Haymond. Counselors — Marshall Scott Dahneke, 44, president and CEO for Hygenic Corporation; wife, Michelle Daines Dahneke. Nathan Leo Johnson, 34, senior research associate for Case Western Reserve University; wife, Camille Colleen Thompson Johnson.

LAKE OSWEGO OREGON STAKE: (March 22, 2009) President — Richard Scott Stevenson, 52, CFO of Fog Cutter Capital, succeeding Terrence A. Clark; wife, Marion Penelope Spier Stevenson. Counselors — David Bruce Lake, 50, vice president of Liberty Northwest, wife, Marissa Berhold Lake. Mark Wylie Hornibrook, 57, executive vice president and partner of Lincoln Heritage Funeral Planning; wife, Martha Ane Herrin Hornibrook.

ST. GEORGE UTAH COLLEGE 1ST STAKE (STUDENT): (March 8, 2009) President — Shandon Dale Gubler, 49, founder and owner, Agilix Education Software, succeeding Alan L. Archiblad; wife, Suzanne Burr Gubler. Counselors — Robert William Prince, 54, orthodontist; wife, Diane Larson Prince. Michael Hyatt, 50, instructor at St. George LDS institute; wife, Cyndy Mae Armstrong.

TIJUANA MEXICO CENTRAL STAKE: (September 7, 2008) President — David Aguilar Sosa, 43, pest control fumigator, succeeding David Zamarripa Navarro; wife, Maria Guadalupe Sanchez Ayala. Counselors — Mario Franco Erenas, 33, consultant supervisor; wife, Penya Isabel Cota Ramirez. Hector Gaona Gochicoa, 31, self-employed; wife, Hilda Rocio Santillan Ibana.

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