New stake presidents

The Duitama Colombia Stake, which includes the Barbosa Branch and the Duitama, El Bosque, El Sol, Solano, and Tunja Wards, has been created by Elder Benjamin De Hoyos of the Seventy.

The Las Vegas Nevada Elkhorn Springs Stake, which includes the Arbor View, Centennial Hills, Centennial Pointe, Elk Ridge, Elkhorn Springs 1st, Elkhorn Springs 2nd, and Grand Teton wards, has been created by Elder Ronald A. Rasband of the Seventy.

The Sagay Philippines Stake, which includes the Dian-ay, Himoga-an, and Minapasok branches, Lopez Jaena, Old Sagay, Sagay 1st and Sagay 2nd wards, has been created by Elder Michael John U. Teh of the Seventy.

New stakes

DUITAMA COLOMBIA STAKE: (June 28, 2009) Created from the Duitama Colombia District. President — Jairo Alonso Morales Correa, 34, manager for Chic Style; wife, Sandra D. Castellanos Jorano. Counselors — Gerardo Emanuel Blanco Linero, 38, box office assistant for Coflonorte; wife, Susana Alexandra Rojas Caceres. Marcelo Marino Martinez, 44, hospital worker; wife, Naido Jiliana Duran Rodriguez.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA ELKORN SPRINGS STAKE: (December 7, 2008) Created from the Las Vegas Nevada Tule Springs Stake and the Las Vegas Nevada Lone Mountain Stake. President — Mark Elmer Waite, 52, general manager for Noorda Sheet Metal; wife, Oneita Frehner Waite. Counselors — Tracy James Truman, 48, attorney; wife, Lisha Bay Truman. David James Winterton, 52, attorney; wife, Nickie Lynn Egan Winterton.

SAGAY PHILIPPINES STAKE: (June 28, 2009) Created from the Sagay Philippines District. President — Diovalre Ofianga Pastones, 58, self-employed; wife, Janeth Briones Sermon Pastones. Counselors — Rommel Galicia Ofilan, 38, bakery store owner; wife, Nemia Castillo Vistar Ofilan. Norvil Nazareno Segovia, 33, security guard.

Stake reorganizations

LOGANDALE NEVADA STAKE: (August 9, 2009) President — Matthew David Messer, 43, teacher for the Clark County School District, succeeding Asahel Ira Robison; wife, Corinne Adams Messer. Counselors — Mendis Virl Cooper, 49, manager for Overton Power; wife, Deborah Anne Davy Cooper. Wilbur Allan Frehner, 43, principal laboratory scientist for Las Vegas Valley Water District and Southern Nevada Water Authority; wife, Holly Dianna Cummings Frehner.

LOS ALTOS CALIFORNIA STAKE: (August 16, 2009) President — Philip Jonathan Carmack, 46, senior vice president of Nvidia Corporation, succeeding David L. Lowe; wife, Brooke Alene Buchanan Carmack. Counselors — Dale Clark Mouritsen, 67, coordinator for the Church Educational System; wife, Marta Christensen Mouritsen. James Robert Sharp Wheatley, 51, owner of Robert Wheatley Properties; wife, Lisa Ann Bagley Wheatley.

OKLAHOMA CITY OKLAHOMA STAKE: (August 9, 2009) President — Kevin Ronald Graves, 54, strategic executive for Quest Diagnostics, succeeding John M. Jacobsen; wife, Joni Black Graves. Counselors — Arthur Paul Baclawski, 57, geologist for Devon Energy; wife, Karen Lynette Wiser Baclawski. Curtis W. Crane, 56, sales representative for American Sentinel; wife, Susan Marie Corstvet Crane.

SAO PAULO BRAZIL JARAGUA STAKE: (November 23, 2008) President — Anisio Alves de Sousa, 44, sergeant for Policia Militar; wife, Rosenilda de Oliveira Sousa. Counselors — Benedito da Wilva Costa Filho, 44, financial assistant for Primorex Conservacao e Manutencao; wife, Ana Cristina da Silva. Paulo Henrique Sabino Ferreira, 30, information technician for Associacao da Igreja; wife, Regiane de Souza Sabino Ferreira.

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