Testimony gives mother guidance

As a child growing up in Taiwan, Suzie Bloomfield would often walk along the rice fields thinking about the purposes of life, wondering where she came from and where she would go after this life. She had a lot of questions and couldn't find any answers.

Now, years later, those are the answers she has and loves to share with others.

"I love missionary work," Sister Bloomfield said. "We bring lots of people to the gospel and I am just really happy to see how they grow."

After moving to Alaska in 1974 to attend college, Sister Bloomfield met her husband, Robert, and first met the missionaries.

"A professor sent the missionaries to our apartment," she said. "My husband welcomed them in, studied with them and shortly after joined the Church."

Busy with school, work and home responsibilities, Sister Bloomfield decided she was too busy to add another responsibility to her life. Plus, she had never gone to church and because of her Budhist background, didn't have any knowledge of Jesus Christ.

But, she saw the good the gospel was doing in her husband's life. Now, the gospel is the good she sees in her own life, guiding her philosophy of parenting to her four children.

"I was baptized in 1977 and have never regretted it. The more I study, the more I know it is true."

Her testimony is what guides her as a mother and in her new responsibility of Alaska's Mother of the Year Representative.

Giving children your time and teaching them moral values is essential to motherhood, she said. With four children, many hobbies and a battle with cancer, Sister Bloomfield has managed to keep busy. But her favorite kind of busy is spending her time with those who matter most.

"Give them all of your time," she said. "Help them to be a good citizen and give service to others and teach them the good values of the gospel."

Teaching how to find and stay close to the truth is very important, she said.

"Let them be themselves and try to help them develop their talents," she said. "Give them the opportunity to find out what they like to do so they can excel and build their self esteem."

Most importantly, it's the little things that make the largest difference in teaching children how to find and stay close to the truth, she said.

"Reading the scriptures every day, going to Church every Sunday, having family home evening and lots of activities as a family…that time we spend bonding with our children and setting a good example shows them how much we love the Lord and obey His ways," she said. "As they follow us, they follow the gospel."

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