New stake presidents

The Vernal Utah Stake, which includes the Vernal 12th Branch and the Glines 3rd, Maeser 1st, Vernal 3rd, Vernal 5th, Vernal 6th, Vernal 7th and Vernal 9th wards, has been created by Elder Richard J. Maynes of the Seventy.

New stakes

VERNAL UTAH STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) Created from the Vernal Utah Ashley, Vernal Utah Glines, Vernal Utah Maeser and the Vernal Utah Uintah stakes. President — Gordon Alan Seitz, 46, optometrist for Seitz Eyecare; wife, Jill Aileen Smith Seitz. Counselors — Kenneth Lee Bassett, 58, city manager for Vernal City Corp.; wife, RoJean Sullivan Bassett. William Kirkham Jolley, 51, recorder for the Vernal Utah Temple; wife, Marilyn Robinson Jolley.

Stake reorganizations

AFTON WYOMING STAKE: (Aug. 16, 2009) President — Mark Wilson Taylor, 50, curriculum director for the Lincoln County School District, succeeding McKell W. Allred; wife, Patricia Micheli Taylor. Counselors — Corey R. Miles, 46, CPA; wife, Michelle Wecker Miles. Kelly Duane Tolman, 53, administrator for Lincoln County; wife, Geniel Harris Tolman.

ALBUQUERQUE NEW MEXICO EAST STAKE: (Aug. 16, 2009) President — Brett Lynnel Remund, 47, senior manager for Sandia National Laboratories, succeeding W. James Kearns; wife, Kelly Anne Harman Bemund. Counselors — Jay T. Manning, 52, self employed; wife, Kari Lynett Barnes Manning. Jason Farrell Shepherd, 36, senior member of the technical staff for Sandia National Laboratories; wife, Stacey Lynn Smith Shepherd.

BAY CITY TEXAS STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Douglas Paul Whipple, 57, manufacturing plant manager for Dow Chemical, succeeding Daniel W. Martin; wife, Sydney Hilton Whipple. Counselors — Paul Aaron Gillis, 48, chemical engineer for Dow Chemical; wife, Janet Brown Gillis. James Thomas Phipps, 47, partner at Paul, Phipps & Co.; wife, Judy Frances Miller Phipps.

CANOAS BRAZIL NORTH STAKE: (Nov. 30, 2008) President — Pedro Alberto Machado da Silva, 53, commercial representative for Solas Clara Lida, retained; wife, Clara Rosane Rodrigues da Silva. Counselors — Inocencio Joaz Assis, 51, military for Comando da Aeronautica; wife, Delizete Kleinkauff Assis. Vanderiei Francari Pereira, 44, first lieutenant for Brigada Militar; wife, Marcia Cristina Cerutti Raugust.

EAGLE IDAHO STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Thomas Martin Stafford, 51, self-employed appraiser/commercial engineer, succeeding James R. McCauley; wife, Sherry Lynne Figg Anderson Stafford. Counselors — Kelly Don Shaw, 48, business broker for Bristol Group; wife, Launette Ray Shaw. Gary Richard Tanner, Jr., 46, seminary instructor; wife, Sherri Lee Haworth Tanner.

KALIBO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Aug. 16, 2009) President — Mario Caputol Rivera, 52, supervisor for the Philippine Match Company, succeeding Winston Del Rosario; wife, Mercy Melanio Dela Cruz Rivera. Counselors — Erwen Carpio Escalona, 52, self employed; wife, Florife Tosio Torrifiez Escalona. Allan Peralta Salazar, 38, self employed; wife, Sherry Ann Neilo Redison.

LONGVIEW TEXAS STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Charles Alexander Wagley, 60, production assistant for Eastman Chemical, succeeding Max J. Conlin; wife, Bonnie Muse Wagley. Counselors — Jeremy Bradley Grisel, 34, physical therapist at Regional Physical Therapy; wife, Robin Hewett Grisel. Timothy Dan Fulgham, 50, operations manager for Liberty City Water Supply Corporation; wife, Marilyn Kay Driver Fulgham.

MESA ARIZONA EAST STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Michael John Toone, 54, manager for White Cap Construction Supply, succeeding Terry D. Turk; wife, Carol Hyer Toone. Counselors — Timothy Neal Cowley, 44, self employed in real estate; wife, Kristen Laurie Shields Cowley. Stephen Lewis Thomas, 40, physician at the Mayo Clinic Scottsdale; wife, Joanne Despain Thomas.

ST. DAVID ARIZONA STAKE: (Aug. 23, 2009) President — Curtis Patrick Nolan, 51, licensed contractor, succeeding Paul B. Kartchner; wife, Julie Hatch Nolan. Counselors — Mark Millett Fenn, 49, owner of Fenn Homes; wife, Carrie Crockett Fenn. Raymond Lance Bryant, 52, claims specialist for State Farm Insurance; wife, Nancy Elizabeth Montierth Bryant.

SALT LAKE HUNTER EAST STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Daniel J. Isaac, 52, director of finance for the Church Audiovisual Department, succeeding William A. Schaefermeyer; wife, Jan T. Myrberg Isaac. Counselors — Bryce William Breeze, 42, manager for Higgins Body and Paint; wife, Gayna Lynn Chapman Breeze. Donald Kenichi Maruji, 58, principal for Risk Managers; wife, Diane Gail Yamasaki Maruji.

SANTA FE NEW MEXICO STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Michael Shawn Zollinger, 50, IT manager for Los Alamos National Laboratory, succeeding Russell T. Pack; wife, Lynn Greenhough Zollinger. Counselors — Stephen Ellsworth Betts, 45, R&D manager for Los Alamos National Laboratory; wife, Rebecca Ann Cousins Betts. Cary Bradford Skidmore, 50, research and development engineer for Los Alamos National Laboratory; wife, Wendy Jean Kluber Skidmore.

VALPARAISO CHILE STAKE: (Aug. 23, 2009) President — Helgi Hukdhs Zerega, 37, consulting executive for Beegroup, succeeding Mauricio Esteban Lamartine Aguila; wife, Karina Sofia Hukdhs. Counselors — Manuel Ohio Lopez Braniff, 42, administrator for the Chilean Justice Ministry; wife, Gloria Emilia Lopez. Fernando Luis Gatica Padovani, 36, quality vice manager for Disc Group; wife, Marcela Beatriz Gatica.

VERNAL UTAH ASHLEY STAKE: (Aug. 30, 2009) President — Michael Taylor Olsen, 41, family physician at Basin Clinic, succeeding Gordon Alan Seitz; wife, Amy Larsen Olsen. Counselors — Bradley Ralph Haslem, 52, CEO of BHI; wife, Karlene Speirs Haslem. Shane W. Mayberry, 50, insurance agent; wife, Erin Jacobsen Mayberry.

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