Faithful Thai matriarch

Convert stands firm as an example to her family and other members


Suree Ratchata of the Ubon Thailand District is the matriarch of a four-generation family of Church members in Thailand.

Now 78 years old, she attends Church as often as possible, is well respected and has always served diligently in every Church calling.

Her husband, Bunyaset Ratchata, was captivated by this petite, charming woman. She said he wrote her dozens of letters — morning, noon and night. She ignored each one until, finally, she decided to answer one. He proposed immediately. They were married March 23, 1951. Brother Ratchata passed away 17 years ago due to complications of a diabetic condition.

Sister Ratchata vividly recalls being converted by the Spirit when she was introduced to the gospel. She joined the Church in 1976 with her family. She and her husband were the first missionary couple to serve in the Ubon District. Sister Ratchata still has her missionary badge and gladly displays it with great enthusiasm.

She is the mother of 12 children and has 18 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

In 1990, she and her husband received their endowments and were sealed to each other and their family in the Manila Philippines Temple.

Sister Suree's name means "Sun," and she still radiates as an active member.

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