Downtown site for Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple

Enthusiasm and anticipation are percolating among Church members in southeast Pennsylvania with the recent announcement by the First Presidency of a site for the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple.

In a press release dated Nov. 19, the First Presidency announced that the temple would be built at 1739 Vine Street in downtown Philadelphia. The site sits near City Hall and Museum Row in the downtown core area, less than a mile from the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

For Keith D. Coe, president of the Valley Forge Pennsylvania Stake, the temple's imminent construction is a source of no small excitement.

"I feel deeply moved," President Coe said. "I can just tell you, for me personally it's a moment of introspection and reflection and deep thrill. Here locally we just can't wait. It will mean a lot to my family."

According to President Coe, the site for the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple succeeds in capturing the spirit of the city.

"It's quintessential Philadelphia," he said. "It's on what we refer to as the Vine Street Expressway, which has visibility as a very important thoroughfare and is also an interstate highway. It's a terrific location."

Although the temple site is physically located in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Stake, members of President Coe's Valley Forge Stake will be greatly blessed by the fact the temple's downtown location can be easily reached via several methods of public transportation.

"What's particularly important to me is that [this site] is accessible to inner-city, urban members of our Church through public transportation methods," President Coe said. "That is one of the most compelling reasons to have this urban location, so they'll be able to attend. There wouldn't be a useful or available public transportation option for them in a more suburban location."

President Thomas S. Monson announced the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Temple during the October 2008 general conference.

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