Tips for using New FamilySearch

The following tips are suggested by the Family History Department for using New FamilySearch:

1. New FamilySearch provides excellent online helps. Members should view the short video tutorial and the Help section before getting started. For additional help, members can contact FamilySearch Support by e-mail [email protected] or by toll-free phone. In the United States and Canada call 1-866-406-1830. For an online list of toll-free numbers worldwide, see the FamilySearch Support contact list at:

2. Keep in mind that the New FamilySearch reflects a community view. The program includes everyone's contributions, and contributors see each other's contributions. For members with extensive pioneer ancestry, there could be many contributions and entries for popular, shared ancestors to sort through; some of the tips below will help deal with that issue.

3. If you are surprised to find a common ancestor is missing in your family tree, search the entire database to ensure that ancestor does not already exist in another tree before creating a new individual. This helps to avoid duplication.

4. Don't worry about inaccurate or incorrect data that shows up in the Details section. If you are confident that it is the correct person, then don't worry and don't dispute.

5. The Dispute feature should be used only in rare instances where the information is so false it would damage the summary view of the person, and you cannot contact the contributor of the wrong information to correct it. Disputing any information locks the record, and nobody, not even the original contributor, can work with it until the dispute is removed.

6. Before you clear any name for temple work, be sure to do an extended search to ensure the work has not already been done. Combine all records you think are about that person. Think of this task as filing all notes on a particular person in his or her file folder.

7. Try viewing your family information with the dynamic Family Tree tool. To do this from the home page of, click on See Me and My Ancestors; then click on the arrow next to Change View in the upper left corner. Choose Family Tree. This view will allow you to see more generations at a time. You can also easily see the descendants of a person to determine if they need temple work.

8. Take advantage of products from certified FamilySearch affiliates. These programs are compatible with the New FamilySearch and provide additional capacity, tools and services like you might find in a robust desktop software program. These products include:

FamilyInsight by Ohana Software

RootsMagic by Roots Magic

Ancestral Quest by Incline Software

All My Cousins by GeneSys Foundation

MobileTree by AppTime

Charting Companion by Progeny Software

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