Young Women: Personal progress

As part of the revised Personal Progress program, Latter-day Saint young women worldwide will receive specific items. Following is a list of the new items and their purpose:

Personal Progress Book. New pink personal progress books give an overview of the program, list requirements and guidelines for young women, leaders, and mothers, and offers advice on how to begin. The book also includes the value experiences and projects for each of the eight Young Women values. These values are Faith, Divine Nature, Individual Worth, Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Good Works, Integrity and Virtue. When a Young Women completes a value experience and project, she will receive a gold sticker to go in the back of her Personal Progress book and a ribbon for her scriptures. She can also record the date she completed the project, making her book a personal record of all the good things she has accomplished.

The Church is printing new young women personal progress manuals.
The Church is printing new young women personal progress manuals. Photo: Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Personal Progress journal. Each young woman will receive a matching pink journal in which she can record her feelings, experiences and testimony as she works on the value experiences and projects and earns her Young Women medallion.

Young Women medallion. When a young woman completes Personal Progress and has been interviewed by her bishop, she will be eligible to receive her Young Womanhood medallion. A new medallion includes symbols representing each age group — the beehive, the Mia Maid rose, and the laurel wreath. The new medallion also includes a small ruby, symbolizing that the young woman has completed the new value of virtue. (The ruby is intended to remind a young woman that she is more precious that rubies. See Proverbs 31: 10.)

Honor Bee. Young women who earn their medallion before they complete their years in Young Women are invited to continuing progressing and earn an "Honor Bee." To receive this award, a young woman must read the Book of Mormon again and help another young woman with Personal Progress.

The Church is printing new young women personal progress manuals.
The Church is printing new young women personal progress manuals. Photo: Laura Seitz, Deseret News

Scripture ribbons. As a young woman completes all of the experiences and the project in a value, she will receive a ribbon to mark her favorite scriptures on that value. The ribbons are the color of the value: white for faith, blue for divine nature, red for individual worth, green for knowledge, orange for choice and accountability, yellow for good works, purple for integrity, and gold for virtue.

Ribbon organizer. An optional ribbon organizer is available to any young woman who is interested. The organizer can slide down the spine of her scriptures to secure their ribbons.

Advancement certificates. As a young woman advances from one age group to another, she will receive a certificate of recognition and completion from her bishop.

Theme poster and card. A new theme poster containing the eight values can be placed in the room in the LDS meetinghouse where the young women meet each Sunday. A smaller version of the poster will be given to each young woman to hang in her room or locker at school. Each card includes the Young Women theme on the front and an explanation of age-group names and their associated symbols (Beehive, Mia Maid, and Laurel) on the back.

Torch pendant. Each young woman will receive a torch pendant when she turns 12 and enters the Young Women program. This necklace symbolizes her commitment as a young woman to stand for truth and righteousness.

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