New stake presidents

The Rigby Idaho South Stake, which includes the Garfield 1st, Garfield 2nd, Garfield 3rd, Garfield 4th, Garfield 5th, Rigby 1st and Rigby 11th wards, has been created by Elder Lance B. Wickman of the Seventy.

New stakes

RIGBY IDAHO SOUTH STAKE: (Dec. 13, 2009) Created from the Rigby Idaho and the Rigby Idaho East Stakes. President — William Lamont Follett, 57, self-employed in sales; wife, Gretchen Tucker Follett. Counselors — Mark Stephen Bellows, 52, financial adviser for Merrill Lynch; wife, Vicky Jene Walker Bellows. Marlow Howard Blanchard, 46, finance manager for Scientech; wife, Sharon Ann McKenna Blanchard.

Stake reorganizations

AMARILLO TEXAS STAKE: (Sept. 20, 2009) President — Kyle Alan Vest, 35, financial adviser for Edward Jones Investments, succeeding Robert James Barton; wife, Kelli Anne Griffiths Vest. Counselors — Reed Lynn Welch, 43, department head at West Texas A&M University; wife, Jennifer Laura Foess Welch. William Heath Hendricks, 33, associate attorney for Riney & Mayfield; wife, Cara Ann Pool Hendricks.

BUCKEYE ARIZONA STAKE: (Dec. 13, 2009) President — David Bruce Bourgeous, 56, security supervisor for the Arizona Department of Health Services, succeeding Roger W. Brown; wife, Laura Bingham Bourgeous. Counselors — Michael Brent Gassaway, 45, project manager over temple and special projects for the LDS Church; wife, Ayesha Lyn Daniels Gassaway. Ricky Louis King, 50, owner of a trucking business; wife, Kimberly Kathleen Varney King.

CHINCHA PERU STAKE: (Dec. 13, 2009) President — Hugo Edilberto Alberto Lermo, 45, independent manager for Empresa Propia; wife, Enma Nolida Davila Escobar. Counselors — Wenceslao Filomeno Conde Carbajal, 39, professional chauffeur; wife, Nancy Pamela Salgado Tassara. Edwin Walter Almeyda Quispe, 29, professor; wife, Rosalind Magdalena Cardenas Saavedra.

CHORLEY ENGLAND STAKE: (Nov. 22, 2009) President — David Michael Walker Pickup, 51, judge for Her Majesty's Government, succeeding Malcolm G. Beverley; wife, Janet Robertson Pickup. Counselors — Alexander Graham Forres Hotchkiss, 44, global IT manager for Lucite International; wife, Anna Mary Lucy Clarke Hotchkiss. Matthew Adam Robinson, 34, solicitor for Kennedys LLP; wife, Claire Angela Williamson Robinson.

IDAHO FALLS AMMON WEST STAKE: (Dec. 6, 2009) President — Kipp Lee Manwaring, 51, attorney/owner of Manwaring Law Office P.A., succeeding J.C. Hart; wife, Rebecca Bates Manwaring. Counselors — James Friedrich Schmutz, 55, radiologist for Medical Imaging Associates; wife, Anne Amanda Sargent Schmutz. Bryan Lee Parker, 56, management consultant for Batte Energy; wife, Debra Gerard Parker.

MADISON TENNESSEE STAKE: (Dec. 6, 2009) President — Peter J. Abernathy, 45, general counsel for the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, succeeding Brent J. Ostermiller; wife, Kathleen Margaret Purcell Abernathy. Counselors — Braden Gregory Bell, 38, teacher/admissions officer for Harding Academy; wife, Meredith Susan Stolle Bell. James Wilson Kanan, 44, associate professor for Western Kentucky University; wife, Shannon Bingham Kanan.

PORTO ALEGRE BRAZIL STAKE: (Nov. 29, 2009) President — Alexandre Darif da Silveira, 40, manager for Excelsior Alimentos, succeeding Herberto Moroni Klein; wife, Josiane dos Santos Soares Silveira. Counselors — Claudio Alves de Sousa, 38, supervisor for A.B.I.J.C.S.V.D.; wife, Sonia Cristina Garcia Ribeiro Sousa. Sergio Pereira Bentim, 46, product manager for Dell; wife, Maria Cristina Martins Bentim.

RIRIE IDAHO STAKE: (Dec. 13, 2009) President — Boyd S. Foster, 52, owner of Vista Valley Agro Inc., succeeding Robert A. Hunter; wife, Laurie Manwaring Foster. Counselors — Larry Fred Stucki, 50, financial advisor for Merrill Lynch; wife, Janet Merrill Stucki. Mark Dean Lovell, 55, professor for Brigham Young University-Idaho; wife, Vickie Ann Clark Lovell.

SALT LAKE WINDER STAKE: (Dec. 13, 2009) President — D. Russell Wight, 56, legal staff for Intermountain Health Care, succeeding David M. Lattin; wife, DeAnn Gibson Wight. Counselors — Keith James Lord, 56, general manager for Taylorsville-Bennion Improvement District; wife, Leslie Jean Critchfield Lord. Lenny F. Ralphs, 62, senior leadership consultant for the LDS Church; wife, Marsha Dott Egan Ralphs.

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