Living by the scriptures

"I love the Lord, because he hath heard my voice and my supplications. Because he hath inclined his ear unto me, therefore will I call upon him as long as I live." — Psalm 116:1-2

About 10 years ago when I was in my late 20s and single, I found myself again at the end of another unsuccessful relationship.

The ending came as a surprise to me. I didn't know that there had been concerns or problems and had been thoroughly enjoying our time together. Clearly, the guy I had been dating had concerns that he was not expressing.

In the end, he simply quit calling. Even after I sought some closure and he had promised to get back with me, the only result was two weeks of hopes slowly deflated.

I truly mourned the lost relationship and even lost some faith in men, calling them once in a moment of frustration and short-sightedness "all liars" (See Psalm 116:11). Over the next week, I turned to the Lord in prayer for support and understanding. His comfort and restoration of hope were so profound that I again found myself in tears.

At this time in my life, I was progressively working my way through the Old Testament. It was during this week of sadness that my daily reading took me to Psalms 116.

The first 10 verses seemed to me my own psalm to the Lord, and I shed tears as the words sang from my heart. Then I read verse 11 and amidst my tears couldn't help but laugh out loud.

I knew the Lord knew me and loved me and I felt an overwhelming desire to always be by His side and feel His strength. Just as in the end of Psalm 116, my heart sang, "O Lord, truly I am thy servant; I am thy servant ... Praise ye the Lord."

Juliana Masters, Plain City 3rd Ward, Plain City Utah Stake

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