Country information: Liechtenstein

Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 34,700; Members, fewer than 100; Europe Area.

Liechtenstein is a small country located between Switzerland and Austria. It is governed by a constitutional monarchy and a democratic parliament. Religious freedom is granted to all citizens. Religious distribution is Roman Catholic 76.2 percent, Protestant 7 percent, and other 16.8 percent.

Only a handful of Latter-day Saints reside in Liechtenstein. Those Saints living in northern Liechtenstein attend the ward in Dornbirn, Austria, and those living in southern Liechtenstein attend the ward in Chur, Switzerland. The country is administered by the Zurich Switzerland Stake and is within the boundaries of the Switzerland Zurich Mission. Missionaries have never been assigned there, though they have occasionally visited investigators and members.

In January 2004, Bishop Andreas Viussa of the Dornbirn Ward met with the Prince Hans Adam and discussed principles of the gospel. The prince spoke kindly of the Church and its members.

Sources: Ernst Griell, Interview, Church Archives. Telephone conversation with Andreas Viussa, 25 May 2004; Telephone conversation with Neil M. Hahl, 25 May 2004.

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