'Keep up,' young adults told


Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve and Elder David S. Baxter of the Seventy spoke April 18 to the young single adults of the Las Vegas Valley.

Elder Perry spoke about the technological changes in the world.

He said things have changed since his youth.

"I'm of that vintage: the slide ruler age," he said. He described how he used a 10-key adding machine, then a Frieden Calculator, the comptometer and the IBM 1401 — technologies largely unknown by the audience.

"I found I needed to retool myself every couple of years," he said. Then came along the small office computers, desktops and laptops, and now smart phones and tablets.

"It's so important that you keep up," Elder Perry said, "but don't let worldly things overpower you."

Change will be a marker in life, he told the young adults. "The good news is you're graduating," he said. "The bad news is you'll be obsolete in six months if you don't keep up with it."

Elder Perry told the young adults to prepare for the future in two ways: by continually pursuing education, and always being ready for change while holding firm to the iron rod.

"You need to have as your foundation the Gospel of Jesus Christ. If you do, you'll have the vision, the direction, and the truth of revelations you need in your life. What a promise has been given you! You have power to bind the Lord. By binding the Lord in solemn covenant, He will give you the eternal blessings of eternal life."

Elder Perry cautioned the young adults to avoid debt. "I made it a rule in my life to never pay a late fee," he said. "I would always pay before it was due." For those already in debt, he urged them to work to get out of it while they are young and still able.

Elder Perry also encouraged them to work hard. "Unless this nation wakes up and realizes [its strength] and stands up for it, then we will lose it," he said, "and what a shame that will be — not because of the worldly power that will be lost, but because of the service that will be lost to other nations."

Elder Perry was preceded by Elder Baxter, who clarified common misconceptions about the Church and its doctrine. Using examples from the New Testament, he taught about the Godhead and spoke out against the claim that there can be no additional scripture.

"We thirst for and are glad of any additional scripture," he said.

He encouraged those in attendance to follow the example of the apostle Philip, and invite those who deride the Church to "come and see."

After Elder Baxter's remarks, the institute choir, directed by Bruce Green, sang, "As Zion's Youth in Latter Days." Elder James B. Gibson, an Area Seventy and former Henderson mayor, conducted the meeting.

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