Relief society: Members respond to April message on personal revelation

The 2010 April visiting teaching message — "Seeking and receiving personal revelation" — encourages Latter-day Saints around the world to prepare to receive personal revelation by studying the scriptures, fasting, praying and building faith. The following Church members responded to the message, sharing their insights:

He cares

Since my husband adopted my two sons last year, I had been trying to change their legal identification numbers. Every time I went to the office, they would not accept my paperwork because they said the court documents were copies, not originals. I had been back to the court and they told me the paperwork I had was all I was getting. I finally gave up and stopped doing anything.

Six months later, my oldest son was looking for work and needed to have a legal identification number to apply. One morning I felt strongly upon waking that I should go down to the office that day. I had to go to work, but I gathered the information that morning and took it to work with me. I didn't think there would be time because my schedule was so full, but one client canceled and another one came in early.

Suddenly I had an hour and a half in my day that hadn't been there earlier. I went down to the office and was surprised to find no one in line. I went up to the window and explained that I needed to change my sons' identification numbers. The clerk seemed unsure and said she didn't think she could accept the documents. Just then a second woman came up and told her the documents I had were acceptable. She showed the clerk a different screen on her computer that showed these were acceptable. That woman was a trainer that had come from a larger center just for that morning to orient this woman.

My sons' identification applications were processed, and my oldest son got hired.

This was such a strong testimony to me that not only does God give us personal revelation but also he cares about the things that I often think are too minute to bother Him with. I will never forget this. — Tracey Correia, Edson Branch, Edmonton Alberta Riverbend Stake

Compelled to act

Emma Westbrook takes notes during President Boyd K. Packer's talk at BYU's Education Week devotional on Aug. 18, 2009. Listening to Church leaders is one way to receive personal revelation.
Emma Westbrook takes notes during President Boyd K. Packer's talk at BYU's Education Week devotional on Aug. 18, 2009. Listening to Church leaders is one way to receive personal revelation. Photo: Stuart Johnson, Deseret News

I want to share a story about my daughter who received personal revelation.

My little granddaughter, 4, one day complained to her mom that she had pain in her stomach and began vomiting. At first my daughter passed it off that possibly her daughter was catching the flu. My daughter comforted her little girl and did everything she could think of to treat her symptoms. She checked with two doctors who assured her that it was the flu. The symptoms didn't go away. Putting her sick little girl to bed, my daughter continued to have a nagging feeling that things weren't right, but she didn't want to make a big deal if it was only the flu.

About 1 a.m., she had promptings and feelings deep inside of her suggesting she needed to get her daughter in to see a doctor right away. It was snowing, and the roads in the canyon where she lived were snow covered and slippery. Her husband asked if she was worrying too much, but something else inside her mind was telling her to take action.

My daughter bundled up her little girl at 1:30 a.m. and drove through the treacherous canyon roads to get to the emergency room. It wasn't the flu but her appendix. My granddaughter was scheduled for immediate surgery. Before she was wheeled into the operating room, she received a priesthood blessing from her daddy and grandpa, who had also braved the bad roads to be by her side.

It is so important to listen to and act on communications from our Heavenly Father. In this case, my daughter felt impelled to do something. This experience reminded me of the quote from Elder Dallin H. Oaks included in the visiting teaching message: "This is not a case where a person proposes to take a particular action and the Spirit either confirms or restrains. This is a case where revelation comes when it is not being sought and impels some action not proposed. This type of revelation is obviously less common than other types, but its rarity makes it all the more significant."

I was so grateful Heavenly Father prompted us and watched over my family. — Katie Gauger, Thanksgiving Village Ward, Lehi Utah Stake

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