Video: "Hi, I'm Helen I am an Ophthalmologist, a Developer, a Researcher and a Visionary, and I'm a Mormon."

I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. After attending a Catholic Grammar School and a Catholic High School, I wanted nothing to do with religion of any type. Completed a BA in Biology, a BS in Biomedical Sciences and a Medical Degree. I am a mother of two sons ages 34 and 14, and a grandmother to two boys 13 and 15. I am very interested in my family genealogy and love to travel. Music, dance, and reading romance novels fill some spare moments. I am a boating enthusiast and enjoy cabin cruisers but also take lessons to learn the true art of sailing.

After searching for many years and trying several different churches that met my criteria, I did not find the "Spirit of God" that I was searching for until I came to this Church. I was introduced to the Church through my ex-husband who had been a member for 18 years before we met. I liked his lifestyle. He did not drink or smoke and was not running around. He was a widower. He told me that he was a Mormon and I told him that I would not hold it against him! He told me he had the priesthood which was impressive although I did not know then what he meant. We dated for several months and then was married. Years passed before I decided to go to visit the Church. When I did I was faced with the Book of Mormon and wanted to read the book but instead read just the Book of Alma and then I prayed to find out if this book was true. The answer that I received was "that the author is the same (as the Bible)" Once I received the answer, I knew what to do next. I wanted to be baptized!

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