Seek my face: recent artwork on scriptural themes

The LDS Church History Museum will be opening a new exhibit entitled “Seek My Face: Recent Artwork on Scriptural Themes.” The exhibit will feature twenty-nine American professional artists, all from various backgrounds, but sharing a common religious orientation. All the artists have been invited to create exemplary visual art based on gospel themes-especially of The Lord Jesus Christ. With sincerity and dedication, skilled painters and sculptors have expressed stories from the Bible and The Book of Mormon in new, original pictures. These new and contemporary works share insight into subjects that depict the life and teachings of the Savior.

The artists have all made great efforts to creatively express gospel principles, uniting their testimony and knowledge of the subject, together with artistic gifts. The thoughtful works stem from a project organized by Artist Guild International LLC. Many of the artists have participated in this project to express their testimonies of gospel principles.

Paintings by renowned artists like Walter Rane, Brian Kershisnik, Jonathan Linton, Emily McPhee, and James Christensen will be exhibited. A piece by J. Kirk Richards will be one of the highlights of the exhibit. This piece portraying Christ healing the blind narrates the story in a new and interesting way. One can see Christ coming down a lighted walkway, but the view of him is disrupted by the silhouettes of three blind people. The viewer is put into their position of darkness, with Christ in brightness coming towards them.

Contemporary sculptures will also be on display by artists like Dennis Smith, and Andrew Kosorok. The pieces by Kosorok entitled “Sons of Adam,” and “Daughters of Eve,” feature etched pieces of colored glass sewn together with twine and string, to portray in a creative way the Bible stories.

The exhibit opens March 1st, in the Central gallery, and will close in June. The Church History Museum is located at 45 North West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, UT, and is open Mon-Fri: 9 a.m.-9p.m., and Sat-Sun: 10 a.m.-7 p.m.

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